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AIG teams with IBM to use blockchain for ‘smart’ word policy

(Reuters) — Insurer American International Group Inc. has partnered with International Business Machines Corp. to rise a “smart” word process that uses blockchain to conduct formidable general coverage, a companies pronounced on Wednesday.

AIG and IBM finished a commander of a supposed “smart contract” multinational process for Standard Chartered Bank P.L.C., that a companies pronounced is a initial of a kind regulating blockchain’s digital bill technology.

The Standard Chartered process uses blockchain to promote pity of real-time information for a categorical process created in a United Kingdom, where a bank is headquartered, and 3 internal policies in a United States, Singapore and Kenya.

Big banks, investors and other financial institutions have invested millions of dollars in blockchain, anticipating it could make exchange faster, easier and some-more secure.

IBM has been partnering with heading companies in several industries, including Danish ride association Maersk , to emanate blockchain-based products that can streamline formidable general exchange opposite sectors.

Blockchain technology, that powers a digital banking bitcoin, enables information pity opposite a network of particular computers. It has gained worldwide recognition due to a utility in recording and gripping lane of resources or exchange opposite all industries.

Multinational word coverage is mostly unwieldy since of a obstruction of general regulations, paperwork, and remuneration terms.

“There’s a lot of behind and onward and it’s all by email bondage going around a world, instead of a centralized system,” Carol Barton, boss of AIG Multinational, pronounced in an interview.


A master process is typically released in a nation where a association is headquartered, while affiliates mostly need coverage in other countries that levy varying rules, documentation, and remuneration terms.

The real-time complement allows companies, their units, and insurers, among others, to concurrently share all information and papers about a policies, a companies said. It also notifies all of those concerned about payments.

The territories comparison for Standard Chartered’s coverage any introduced a turn of complexity for contrast a technology, IBM said. For example, a Kenya regulation, famous as “cash before cover,” requires policyholders to compensate for their coverage before it is valid.




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