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Pillsbury Doughboy takes tough line on same-name bakery

The Pillsbury Doughboy didn’t go soothing when a tiny new bakery in New Mexico donned a signature name.

Minneapolis-based General Mills Inc., that owns a Pillsbury brand, buried Albuquerque, New Mexico’s before named Doughboy’s Bake Shoppe in so most authorised paperwork that a mom-and-pop shop, that non-stop in January, took down $10,000 value of signage though a fight, a New York Post reported Wednesday.

Two weeks after it opened, owners Claudia and Mike Milladge reportedly perceived a cease-and-desist minute from General Mills over a “doughboy” heading — it was usually a beginning, they told reporters.


Because of authorised cost, a bakery couldn’t means to quarrel it, a owners said. Instead, they practical for a heading though were eventually denied, according to reports.

This left them with usually one other option: change a name.

“We felt so bullied,” Claudia Milladge told a Albuquerque Journal. “The initial greeting is to chuck a fit, though what can we do opposite a house like that?”

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